How to choose wheels
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Wheels for skates have their characteristics and properties. When you choose wheels for skates, the following parameters should be considered: The wheel diameter, hardness, profile, type of hub.


1. The wheel diameter – it’s actual size. It is marked on each wheel, for example 80mm, which indicate it’s size.

On the different types of skates are placed a certain diameter of wheels:

  • on kids states diameter can be from 68mm till 72mm;

  • on fitness skates – 80mm, 84mm;

  • on skates for slalom/freeskate oftenly used wheels 72mm, 76mm or 80mm, it depends on the frame size and preferences of skater;

  • for speed skates (skates for speedskating) setted wheels with diameter from 90mm till 125mm;

  • wheels for aggressive skates can vary from 58mm till 62mm.

2. Hardness of wheels determines their durability and the quality of the wheel traction. Wheel hardness index is measured in atmospheres and marked “A”, for example, 85A.

The greater hardness index of wheels makes it more resistant, but the worse will be their grip.  Wheels considered rigid from 84A. Such wheels mostly used by professionals for freeskate. Simple fitness skates usually have wheels hardness 78А, 80А, 82А. Their life is short, but they are rolling soft and have a good grip. Most hard wheels are used for agressive skates with index 88A – 91A.

3. Wheels profile  can be round or oval. The most common are wheels with a round profile, they are mounted on fitness skates and for slalom. Oval wheels are used for slides (one of the FSK disciplines). 

4. Hub Type –  the size and shape of the wheels hub. Actually it’s a part of the wheel where the bearing is inserted.

Exist two types of hub depending on it’s diameter608 standard bearing (most frequently used) and 688  standard, they are also called Microbearings, are used mainly in the speed skating models of skates.

As smaller size of the hub as better wheel are considered to be, since they have more polyurethane and you can skate longer with them. Mostly again it’s wheels for slalom and freeskate. They behave well on uneven surfaces, vibration is quenched when jumping, skating on the tile, etc.. Wheels with a large hub used on speed skating skates, it does not allow the polyurethane peel off from hub and has a good transmission of force when push.

To find quickly what wheels you need for your skates, you should define only for two main things:

1) What is your skating style?

2) How much money are you ready to spend on wheels?

Choosing wheels, don’t forget to pay attention at wheels brand. The best-known today are the following: Hyper, Gyro, Matter, Undercover, Seba.

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