New skaters generation
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Yaroller Kids Skate | Yaroller School from Yaroller School on Vimeo.

and review on Youtube
Here we have a few words from main characters:

Maxim, what is your favourite skating discipline and why?
– Most of all I like active skating, skate-cross and skating in the park, because I love speed.

Marat and Elvira, do you remember your first impression after the first lesson with a coach? What appeared the most interesting in skating?
Elvira: I was very scared on the first lesson and even was crying! But now, I like to play different active games, because I can go really fast with my skates on. I enjoy doing ramps in skate-park. Nevertheless, limbo is my favourite discipline, because I always finished first ^.^ . In the future, I wish to become a skating coach as Vladislav!
(Little secret from her mum – in beginner school they get a task to draw a dream, and Elvira drawn a princess on skates).

Marat: I remember that on the first lesson, we were studding how to fall in the best way using protection: it was unusual. I like everything on skates: skating in skate-park, doing slalom, skate backward, forward and fast. Trainings with Vlad are impressive and interesting!

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