Why do you need a coach?
Author Ксения, 17 June 2016, All posts, interesting

Every year rollerskating is getting more and more popular as an affordable and interesting activity. Every spring more and more people buy skates, related accessories and make their first stepson skates. A lot of people think that learning how to roll is easy – stand up and skate.
Life proves the opposite – “stand up and go” is not for everyone, even for those, who were seriously involved in supposedly similar sports – ice skating and skiing. Roller skating, as well as other sports, you need to learn and practice. Biggest part of beginners prefer to learn this sport by their self or seek the help from more experienced skater, however, such a move is associated with considerable risk. Only a professional instructor, passed special training, can effectively, safely, and – last but not least, interesting learn skating. From one side, a person who is able to skate good and another – a coach who knows the method of learning the new features, see your mistakes and can suggest a special exercises for their elimination. Experienced friends can only show the basic movements while skating, and the instructor will describe in detail how to properly perform the elements, point to the characteristics of a movement and will check the correctness of the implementation.
Working with coach is effective and safer than trying to self-learn. Carefully planned lessons are constructed in such a way to make studding accessible and easy to get basic skating skills, which makes it sort way to develop the necessary skills than for self-study. The instructor is responsible for your safety, and properly assimilated skating technique will avoid unpleasant injuries during further progression.

Remember that it is easier to learn how to ride properly from the beginning, than slowly and painfully relearn it.

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